Materials for “Finding Your Why”

Special thanks to everyone who came out on a cold Thursday to Good Samaritan Center in the Millsaps Arts district!  More special thanks to DOVIA President Joanna Puddister King for hosting and for the delicious breakfast (and tour of Good Sam!).

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Imagine a world where people wake up each morning inspired to go to work…

Imagine a world in which trust and loyalty are the rule, rather than the exception…

This is possible!  It all starts with speaking and acting from your “Why.”  Michele Baker presented “Finding Your Why” from the books and works of Simon Sinek.  Below are resources from that meeting:

  • START HERE!!  “Start With Why” Ted Talk (18 minutes)
  • Start With Why (Simon Sinek’s website) – be sure to sign up for the “notes to inspire” – daily inspirational email
  • Golden Circle Power Point Presentation
  • Golden_Circle_PDF (slides_with_notes) (handout from meeting)
  • Friends Exercise PDF (handout from meeting)
  • Learn Your Why (“Why Discovery Course”) – a comprehensive, multi-discipline approach to finding your personal why ($129 for the course, or free for active/retired military personnel).  NOTE:  if you purchase the course, you get a free copy of “Start With Why”
  • Get Simon’s first book “Start With Why:  How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action” (Amazon, about $10)
  • Get Simon’s second book “Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Some Don’t” (Amazon, about $16)

Good luck finding your own personal WHY!