Calling all bloggers!

We’ve been handed a request for volunteer-related blog posts from any of you – please feel free to participate!

From Deirdra Glover, Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service (MCVS):

“[MCVS’s] new website will launch in December with a pretty ambitious campaign.  It would be fantastic if DOVIA members would be willing to write a blog entry or two (anything from a few paragraphs to a full-fledged article).  Since it’s the holidays, I’d love to see an article on tactics used to keep volunteers engaged year ’round, not just in crisis moments or the big events…  Pass the question around your circles and then I’ll compile it into a piece for the site.  We’ll also take volunteer profiles any time you/r members want to brag on someone, to boot.

We want a lot of diverse voices on the blog, so it’s not just tightly buttoned state employees.  [MCVS’s] goal is to reach as many types of people as possible, showing that anyone can be meaningfully engaged in their communities by doing things they love.”

Many thanks,

Deirdra Harris Glover
Public Affairs Specialist
Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service